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[exa: the SI abbreviation for 1018; altum: latin for high]


Exaltum is a scientific knowledge management company basing its R&D services around standard and custom expertise in analysis of life science data, including but not limited to those produced in next-generation sequencing experiments: whole genome sequencing and assembly; transcriptome and ChIP-Seq quantitative analysis; chromatin structure mapping.

Our mission is to help our clients get the most valuable, clear and complete information from their experiments, to generate and manage the knowledge portfolio in life sciences, to ride the big data wave and become one of the leading experts in data-driven biotechnology.


Our expert knowledge of advanced statistics, data mining, machine learning and visualization methods enable us to infer knowledge and generate predictive models based on any experimental data collected, and present them in the most comprehensible format to our clients. We work with our clients from the initial stages of experimental design in order to maximize the amount of knowledge generated while minimizing the funds invested in experiments. We provide options to completely supervise or execute the data collection. Our methods are always custom-tailored to provide exact answers to complex biological questions.


Scientific activities are increasingly subject to various quality assessment exercises and performance evaluations, based around the peer-review system and complemented with biblio- and scientometrics activities. With our state of the art publication analysis and visualization, we are able to calculate and present a versatile quantitative landscape of scientific activities, ranging from single research groups to the national level evaluations.

In fact, why limit our domain to scientific evaluations? Combining knowledge inference and data mining, we are able to tackle any ‘big data’ task thrown in our direction and generate high quality intelligence with an appealing visual interactivity!


We can provide consulting on grant management and appraisal activities. We have a long-term experience serving in various high-level grant-reviewing bodies and with European Commision framework programmes since FP5! With that knowledge, we are able to consult on writing, structuring and execution of scientific projects.

Dissemination of our expertise to a wide audience is one of our focal points – there is nothing more rewarding than sharing our knowledge with our clients through courses and workshops! We can organize custom-tailored education activities on using R statistical package in data management, warehousing and analysis, ranging from specific applications in biology to a wider range of general data analysis and knowledge mining.


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